A small town built from the immense amount of readily harvestable White Oak lumber trees that have grown in the swamp. This commerse has caused many a merchant to come into the Castellus of Loamstripe to trade, invigorating their economy and diversity of goods.

Population: 1700
Demographics: 68% Female, 32% Male. 100% Human.
GP Limit: 207
Wealth: 36390
Type: Aristocracy
Base allignment: True lawful

Authority: Verna Level 3 Warrior.
Guard Force: 17 level one Warriors.
Army: 87 level one warrior conscripts.

Citizens of Note:
Councilwoman Kara, Paladin level 4.
Councilman Turk, Fighter level 7.
Councilman Jon, Adept level 6.
Councilman Varnus, Barbarian level 5
Councilman Bjorn, Bard level 3

Guilds of Note:
Shaman Collective of Loamstripe, led by Chi, a level 13 practitioner.
Salamander Coterie, led by Violet, a level 8 Ranger.


Unnamed and unplanned Zicks Zicks